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Holistic Health & Functional Nutrition Coach

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Helping women heal chronic health issues, naturally!

To be honest, I came into this profession because I used to struggle with my own health - hypothyroidism, hashimoto's, endometriosis and an unhealthy gut - until I learned about the science behind root cause approach, functional nutrition and how food can be the most powerful medicine or the worst form of poison.

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Your coaching sessions are brilliant and filled with so much positivity. It inspired me to follow a healthy diet. I feel lighter, happy, active with minimal cravings! I found you on the other side when I needed the most!

Monica, India

L. Mohammed (U.K)

Thank you so much Pratima for your support, advice & for always empowering me. I'm in such a good place now - mentally & physically. I feel happier and healthier. This coaching is the best investment I've ever made!

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

I started seeing positive results & improved blood sugar levels in just 2 weeks. Meal plan was detailed, easy to follow & highly customised. My thyroid antibodies reduced by 80% and I lost 9 kgs in 12 weeks. Your program was worth all the money spent. Looking forward to going off my cholesterol & thyroid medications completely.

B.N, Dubai

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A 20 page FREE beginner's guide with proven tips and strategies to help you restore your gut health naturally. 

In this FREE guide you will:

✔️ learn what gut health is all about
✔️ understand what causes bad gut health
✔️ what mistakes you should avoid 
✔️ what to eat and what not to
✔️ best supplements for a healthy gut
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FREE Thyroid lab tests guide


A proper diagnosis is the first step towards healing your thyroid.

Imagine, waking up symptom free each morning, filled with energy!
It is possible to reverse thyroid issues, provided the root causes are diagnosed.
Running the proper lab tests is the first step towards finding your root causes.
This mini guide will explain the list of lab tests needed from a functional medicine perspective.
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