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Root causes of hashimoto's thyroid

autoimmune hashimotos thyroid Jul 07, 2022

The first step to healing any chronic disorder is to ask -- "WHY" do I have this symptom/problem?

If you keep treating symptoms, you are only chopping off the leaves and branches of a tree. You need to dig the soil and see what's going on underneath - in the roots.

Your symptoms are NOT in your head.

They are for REAL and it's your body's way of telling you that something is wrong.
So you need to LISTEN.

Everything is connected in the body.

A thyroid issue is NOT limited to thyroid alone (like you can see in the graphic above). Hashimoto's is an immune system problem. A whole body disease.

Most people will have multiple root causes. That's why a holistic approach is essential for reversing Hashimoto's.

It's definitely possible to bring Hashimoto's into full remission (where you have no antibodies and are symptom free as long as you maintain a healthy diet & lifestyle). I've done it successfully and helped so many clients achieve the same.

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