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Food is the most powerful medicine

health & wellness nutrition Jul 07, 2022


Food is the most powerful medicine we have. It can also be the worst form of poison if not used in the right way.

Do you agree?

All my life, I've been someone who resorted to home remedies or looked for natural ways to heal my body as a first step rather than see a doctor or pop a pill. (unless of course I had a bacterial infection that needed antibiotics!)
I've had people, including some past clients ask me for a supplement/pill rather than put in the effort to get the nutrients from real, whole foods that I include in the meal plan.

Probably because it's easy to pop a pill💊 than cook a healthy meal that nourishes your body or we have become slaves to our taste buds.

We rather please our tongue than our good gut bacteria. We rather have convenience and comfort over hard work/effort.

When it comes to healing chronic/ lifestyle diseases, remember that food is your best medicine. No matter how many pills or supplements you take, if you continue eating food that damages your body, it just won't work. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Food is not just calories. It contains information that speaks to our genes.🧬

Every single day based on what you eat, you are programming your body with health or illness! 🙌🏼

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