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This holistic health coaching program is a 1:1 session where we work together going through your current issues, lifestyle, eating habits, lab reports, likes, dislikes and discuss your desired health goals so that I can come up with a plan with nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to reverse diseases and bring a balance into your body so that your body has an opportunity to heal itself.

I don’t believe in making you starve by going on a calorie deficit plan or put you through fad diets that cannot be implemented long term.

Our focus will be to understand what clean eating is, how to get all nutrients from real, natural food, and understand what and when to eat for achieving optimal health.

Having trained in functional medicine and nutrition, my holistic wellness program is rooted in the latest science and research and will use food as your medicine. No chemicals, nasties, or artificial products will be entering your sweet body!

We don’t simply treat the symptoms for chronic ailments like in conventional medicine. Functional medicine asks WHY there is a disease in the body and aims to treat the root cause for a long term solution.


What can you expect from this coaching program?

A highly personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan for healing, disease prevention, improve longevity and fitness which includes:

  • Education on clean eating, nutrition, herbs, and food as medicine
  • Improving gut health (our gut microbiome is the key to healing digestive issues, auto-immune conditions, nutritional deficiencies, inflammation, anxiety etc.)
  • Liver and toxic elements detox
  • Balancing your hormones and PH levels in the body (from acidic to alkaline)
  • Balancing insulin and blood glucose levels to the optimal range so that you don’t have energy crashes and you feel full and satiated with every meal and filled with energy through the day
  • Functional medicine approach to reversing autoimmune diseases
  • Obesity and weight management strategies
  • Identify food allergies and triggers that cause bloating/SIBO and other digestive issues
  • Balance nutritional deficiencies
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Lifestyle recommendations for stress management – yoga, meditation, and fitness advice

When you implement these strategies, weight loss comes as a by-product and at a level that is ideal for your body (not the number you have decided to see on the scale). So I never focus on weight loss in my sessions.

The body has its innate intelligence and knows how to be healthy. All it requires is for you to get out of its way by eliminating unhealthy habits/choices and let it function optimally.


$55 USD/ 4500 INR


  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Mandatory for enrollment in a 3-month program
  • Consultations will be done online via Zoom (on weekdays)


$799 USD/ 65,000 INR 


  • 1 x 90 min on-boarding strategy & analysis session 
  • 2 x 30 min review sessions per month (total 6)
  • Lab tests suggestions & analysis
  • Root cause analysis and approach
  • Highly customized meal plans
  • Lifestyle, exercise & supplements (with dosage) suggestions
  • Healthy recipes
  • Shopping links for all products
  • Direct access to me through text messaging via Voxer app for 3 months (Mon-Fri)
  • Weekly progress tracking & accountability
  • All sessions are conducted online via video conference (mon-fri) 


$150 USD/ 12,000 INR 


  • Duration:  60 minutes 
  • This session is only available to those who have completed a 3-month coaching program with me 
  • Sessions are offered online via Zoom on weekdays with prior appointment
  • Includes 2 weeks of text messaging support with me via Voxer app

How to book?

For all session bookings and enquiries, email pratima @ or send a message on Instagram @pratima_nagaraj 


If you are interested to take action and work with me, please apply by clicking on the button & filling the form. Not all applications will be accepted. If your application is shortlisted, you will hear back from me with the cost of the program and available slots.