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6 pillars of healing autoimmune diseases

autoimmune hashimotos thyroid Jul 07, 2022

You can't "cure" an auto-immune disease but you can definitely 'reverse' it or bring it into remission.

It means the disease is still present in the body but in a dormant state without any symptoms. Unless of course, you expose yourself to the triggers which can possibility bring it back. That's pretty close to feeling cured!

☀️Autoimmune diseases are a big interest of mine! If you are battling one, I wanted to bring you some hope as to how to manage and treat it naturally.

Whether it is hashimoto's/ multiple sclerosis/fibromyalgia/lupus or crohns, no matter which part or gland of the body is under attack, it is still a problem with the immune system fundamentally. And that's what needs to be focused on.

The essential elements to reversing it includes:

⚡️ Balanced nutrition - eating real, whole, anti -inflammatory foods
⚡️ Healing the gut
⚡️ Reducing chronic inflammation thru food, herbs, supplements
⚡️ Releasing toxins
⚡️ Reducing all forms of stress
⚡️ Treat any infections which could be the triggers
⚡️ Calming down the hyper-active immune system

This comprehensive holistic approach helped me reverse Hashimoto's but applies to all other autoimmune conditions as well.

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