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Heal your gut, Heal your body 

3-week online course with Pratima Nagaraj, Holistic Health & Functional Nutrition Coach

A step-by-step guide to identify food intolerances, beat the bloat & brain fog, reduce inflammation and restore your gut health for improved digestion, balanced hormones, more energy, radiant skin and better immunity

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By the end of this course, you will:

✔️ Understand how to eat in a way that eliminates bloating, gas, acidity, indigestion and constipation

✔️ Know the foods that work for YOUR body and the foods you are sensitive/intolerant to without spending thousands of $$$ on expensive tests

✔️ Stop the never ending sugar and caffeine addiction

✔️ Wake up every day feeling light, energized, rested

✔️ Beat mood swings, anxiety & depression

✔️ Say goodbye to energy slumps that keep you tired and un-motivated

✔️ Get easy dietary & lifestyle hacks to support digestion and gut health for long term

✔️ Support your thyroid healing because 20% of the thyroid hormone conversion happens in the gut

✔️ Strengthen your immune system

✔️ Enhance your body's nutrient absorption so that the healthy food & supplements you take actually gets used by your body

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Next batch will be in May 2023

Exclusive Program Package

  • Live coaching + Q&A calls 
  • A done-for-you 3-week gut reset meal plan 
  • Symptoms assessment
  • BONUS: Private Facebook community for support
  • BONUS: Healthy recipes to make your journey easy
  • BONUS: Food journal/ tracker
  • BONUS: Lifestyle & mindfulness guides
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