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 Are you tired of being held back by your hypothyroidism/ hyperthyroidism/ hashimotos? Want to reclaim your thyroid health so you can experience increased energy, improve mood, overcome fatigue and feel radiant without relying on medications?
If so, you have stumbled across the perfect solution for you 👇


A 28-day done-for-you meal plan to restore your thyroid health, reduce antibodies, combat fatigue and unlock vibrant health, using nutrient-rich foods in your kitchen.


If you identify with ANY of these issues, this meal plan is for you

☹️ I'm diagnosed with hypothyroidism/ hyperthyroidism/ hashimotos/ graves/ goitre/ thyroid nodules

☹️ I'm gaining weight and just don't feel well

☹️ Despite taking medication or having 'normal labs' my symptoms persist

 ☹️ I don't know where to start to eat healthy meals

☹️ It's difficult to find vegetarian thyroid friendly recipes & meal plans

☹️ My doctors says there is no cure & I have to be on thyroid medications for life - I'm worried!

☹️ I can't go on like this, I feel alone on this journey & this is too challenging!

☹️ I want to stop suffering and need a proven plan

☹️ I struggle with one or more of these symptoms - fatigue, hair loss, weight gain, cold intolerance, brain fog, menstrual problems, anxiety, depression & inflammation

Simplify your thyroid healing journey!

🤦🏽‍♀️no more guessing what to cook or eat to nourish your thyroid

🤦🏽‍♀️no more difficulties trying to find thyroid friendly recipes & meal plans that are satisfying & delicious

🤦🏽‍♀️no more trial & error to find your perfect thyroid healing diet

🤦🏽‍♀️no more frustration due to lack of progress & limited treatment options

🤦🏽‍♀️no more spending hours searching the internet for remedies or recipes

If you are someone struggling with hyper or hypthyroidism/ hashimotos and you want to take control of your thyroid health, improve energy, end your weight struggles, get rid of brain fog, mood swings and cravings.....

and you find yourself saying...

"I don't know what to eat to support my thyroid,"

"I don't know how to cook clean or anti-inflammatory meals"

"I really don't want to rely solely on medications,"

and "honestly, I don't have the time to figure it all out"

⚡Get instant access to thyroid healing diet ⚡
Can you imagine...
  • Having a clear roadmap to nourishing your body with ease and speeding up your thyroid healing process with nutrient-dense meals?
  • Whipping up easy, quick, nutritious, and delicious recipes specifically designed to nourish your thyroid without spending hours in the kitchen or stressing your already stressed brain 🤯
  • Being proud of taking care of your body and transforming your health by investing a few minutes every day to make nourishing meals

If any of this sounds like a dream, I want you to know that it’s 100% possible for you. And I know that, because years ago, I’ve been exactly where you are now ...

What if there was a proven plan that could transform your thyroid health with simplicity and ease, giving you the results you've been longing for?
That's why I designed this comprehensive meal plan


I {Pratima} understand the struggles of juggling a busy life, family responsibilities, travel, work, and challenges of managing your thyroid and Hashimotos symptoms. I've been a hypothyroidism + hashimoto's warrior for 6 years & I know how hard it can be.

I went from living with chronic fatigue, inflammation, hair loss, weight gain,  gut issues to reversing ALL of these symptoms and feeling fit, strong and better in my 40's than in my 30's!

Changing my diet and eating thyroid-supporting-meals were an integral part of my healing journey.

I designed this comprehensive meal plan to show you how you can heal too.

When you follow my proven meal plan, you will...

🥱 From feeling fatigued & drained, struggling to find energy to get through the day
😁 To embracing a newfound sense of vitality and vigor, allowing you to take on the day with enthusiasm and zest for life.

🤯 From feeling confused & overwhelmed by the dietary restrictions associated with thyroid conditions
😎 To gaining total clarity & having a simplified, proven plan with abundance of delicious & easy to follow thyroid-friendly recipes

😤 From feeling frustrated by the lack of a medical cure
💃🏽 To feeling empowered by learning how to take care of your thyroid using food in your kitchen
If you're ready to go from frustration and confusion to clarity and confidence in managing your thyroid health, but you need a knowledgeable partner to support you...

Nourish Your Thyroid Meal Plan is for you!

A 28-day done-for-you meal plan to nourish your thyroid, reduce antibodies, combat fatigue and unlock vibrant health, using nutrient-rich foods in your kitchen
Get ready to get immediate access to:⚡

International Meal Plan

This comprehensive international meal plan includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for an entire month!

  • contains vegetarian and omnivore recipes - both.
  • diverse range of gluten-free, anti-inflammatory, nutrient-dense recipes to satisfy your taste buds
  • no more getting stuck in a rut with meal ideas
  • with these expertly designed thyroid-friendly meals, say goodbye to meal planning stress & decision fatigue
  • save time & effort with pre-planned meals. 

Indian Meal Plan

This comprehensive meal plan includes Indian breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas for an entire month!

  • contains delicious vegetarian and omnivore Indian recipes.
  • indulge in a wide variety of Indian gluten-free, anti-inflammatory, nutrient-dense, low carb and high-protein recipes to keep your taste buds satisfied
  • stay close to your roots and find balance & satisfaction in your diet with culturally rich and nourishing Indian recipes

Thyroid Friendly Recipes Collection

Elevate your culinary experience with my exclusive collection of nearly 50 delicious thyroid-friendly recipes (mix of Indian & International cuisines). This eBook provides a wide range of flavorful dishes that prioritize thyroid health and nourishment.

  • A compilation of nearly 50 delicious thyroid-friendly recipes, that will make you fall in love with healthy food AND take the guesswork out of meal planning
  • photographs and detailed, easy-to-follow instructions for every recipe is included
  • a combination of low-carb, high-protein, dairy-free, sugar-free, anti-inflammatory recipes to support blood sugar balance, hormone balance & thyroid health so that you have more energy, less cravings, reduced bloating and inflammation and boosted metabolism
  • Covers breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks & desserts
  • Focuses on ingredients known to support optimal thyroid function and overall wellness

Customizable meal planner

With this blank meal planner template, you can mix and match from the International + Indian meal plans and create your own meal plan with your favorite recipes!

  • This blank meal planner is a digital resource that can be easily downloaded and printed for your convenience. It is the perfect complement to the comprehensive thyroid meal plan and recipe book, empowering you to create a meal plan that aligns with your unique needs & tastes
  • With the ability to mix & match recipes from international & Indian meal plans, you'll have a diverse range of flavors + options at your fingertips.
  • I understand that every individual's thyroid health journey is unique. With this customizable template, you can address your specific dietary requirements & adapt the plan to your personal preferences

Getting Started Guide

A guide with all the instructions you need to kickstart your thyroid wellness journey with this meal plan. 

  • Instructions to help you navigate the program effectively, saving you time and confusion
  • FAQ - Answers to frequently asked questions, addressing your concerns and providing clarity
  • Proven tips and suggestions to ensure a smooth start and optimal results

Effortless Grocery Shopping Guide

A quick and easy guide to help you create the perfect grocery shopping list, choose nutritious foods, and avoid the #1 food-label trap. Grocery shopping can leave people frustrated and overwhelmed because supermarkets influence buying habits using behavior design psychology, often driving ultra-processed foods.

Discover easy steps in this guide that ensure you leave the
grocery store guilt-free, happier, and with the right foods to support a healthy diet.


Thyroid Progress Journal

Tracking progress can be challenging, especially when it comes to thyroid health. This journal provides a dedicated space to record symptoms, energy levels, dietary changes, and other important factors, helping you identify patterns and track improvements. Stay motivated, monitor your journey, celebrate milestones, and gain insights into the positive changes happening in your thyroid health.


Thyroid Labs Cheatsheet

A list of full panel functional thyroid lab tests necessary for you to track your progress. Understanding thyroid lab results can be overwhelming and confusing. This cheatsheet simplifies the information, making it accessible and easier to comprehend. It alleviates the frustration of deciphering lab jargon and empowers you to take control of your thyroid health.

DO NOT delay! Start healing your thyroid TODAY!
Here's a recap of everything waiting for you...
  • Getting started guide + FAQ
  • International meal plan
  • Indian meal plan
  • 50 thyroid friendly recipes collection
  • Customizable digital  meal planner
  • +BONUS: Effortless shopping guide
  • +BONUS: Thyroid progress journal
  • +BONUS: Thyroid labs cheatsheet 
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₹ 6500

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So, why should you trust me as your health coach?

Great question! And I am glad you asked.

I {Pratima} have been a health & wellness coach for 12+ years and I'm certified in Functional Nutrition, the gold standard for healing chronic health issues based on root cause approach.

I specialize in women's health - hormones, thyroid, gut, PCOS, endometriosis, weight loss & autoimmune. And I believe in using food as medicine.

I've not only healed my own chronic conditions but I've also helped hundreds of women worldwide to lose weight, reverse hypothyroidism, hashimotos, PCOS, diabetes and metabolic dysfunctions through diet and lifestyle changes.

I struggled with hypothyroidism, bloating, digestive, menstrual disorders & hashimotos and tried literally everything but nothing helped, until I changed my diet. Eating nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory foods was a big part of my thyroid healing journey.

I believe eating healthy should be fun & easy to incorporate into your lifestyle. That's why I created this meal plan for you.

And I'd be honored to support you in your healing journey 🧡

But wait, couldn't I find free recipes on internet? Why should I purchase this?

With the abundance of information available online, it may be tempting to piece together a meal plan on your own. However, here's why it's worth investing in this thyroid meal plan:

  • The recipes are curated by a functional nutrition expert aka me, to create perfectly balanced meals with thyroid supportive ingredients.
  • I understand your time is precious & the plan is designed to be convenient & time-saving. I've done the work for you, so you can focus on nourishing your body with hassle-free meals
  • This meal plan takes into account all nuances of thyroid health & designed for hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, hashimotos & other thyroid conditions, which generic meals off the internet will not address
A little love note - DO NOT wait another day to add this meal plan to your healing journey, pretty please! This exists so that YOU can harness the power of nutrition to heal your thyroid.
I can't wait to welcome you into Nourish Your Thyroid!
Questions about nourish your thyroid meal plan?
Here's some answers!

Start healing your thyroid TODAY!

A 28-day done-for-you meal plan to nourish your thyroid, reduce antibodies, combat fatigue and unlock vibrant health, using nutrient-rich foods in your kitchen