PSSST...Ever wish there was a way to whip up EASY, quick, HEALTHY and TASTY meals; in a short amount of time with very LITTLE EFFORT?  AND that they minimize your sweet cravings, keep you away from junk food? AND nourish your gut & hormones, making you feel satiated, energetic and happy at the same time? 

If so, you've stumbled across the perfect solution for you 👇





21 easy, healthy, energizing, nutrient-dense and delicious smoothie recipes that help balance hormones, support healthy digestion, restore gut health, boost mood & energy, lower inflammation


...and are perfect as a meal, a snack or an add-on to your meals on a busy day so that you can hit the reset button on your health and unlock the secret to stable energy, balanced blood sugar, glowing skin and happy hormones

...without the overwhelm or spending hours in the kitchen.


⚡If you are suffering from hormonal imbalances, PCOS, hypothyroidism, endometriosis, weight gain, painful periods, PMS or mood swings...

⚡If you have digestive issues, acid reflux, constipation...

⚡If you are constantly tired, hungry, have cravings or energy slumps...

⚡If you are a busy woman and want quick & healthy meals so that you don't have to run on caffeine and croissant everyday...

⚡If you know you have to eat healthy to feel better but don't have the time (or you are not ready) to follow a full-fledged meal plan yet..

⚡If you want to take small steps and change just ONE thing in your diet that can give you relief from unpleasant symptoms...

This is for you! 

All this, and more, is possible with...

Complete Gut & Hormone Smoothie Collection

Add nourishing mini-meals into your day in the form of a tasty, satiating, refreshing drink! This collection has 21 recipes + lots of tips and everything you need to make a perfect smoothie and boost your energy + reduce your gut and hormonal imbalances.
Let's face the facts 👀

Can throwing a bunch of things in a blender fix your gut issues, strengthen the immune system, boost mood and more? 🤔

Can one or 2 drinks a day really energize you, minimize PMS, sugar cravings, relieve constipation and keep you full & satiated for hours?

Can a simple breakfast smoothie could help you cut out the caffeinated junk and feel naturally energetic?!

Heck, YES!! 

✨Even though they are not magic potions or shortcuts to completely reset our body, they are the quickest, easiest & tastiest additions to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

✨Superfood smoothies are miraculous in so many ways and are proven to restore gut health because they are in a pre-digested form and allow your overworked digestive system to rest while still giving it all the vitamins, enzymes and minerals it needs.



😮Typical store-bought or café-bought smoothies are loaded with fruits & sugar that can wreck havoc on your blood glucose, hormones & gut.

🤯Heck, even smoothies we make at home can be loaded with sugar when it's not prepared the right way and missing the necessary healing ingredients.

And if you've been having these off-the-shelf drinks or making smoothies at home the wrong way, it could be stopping you from getting all the health benefits.

What if there was a solution that could help you eat nutritious meals or snacks on the go AND provide you a range of benefits like energy boosting, weight management, strong digestion & happy hormones, in just a few minutes a day?

Can you imagine...
  • Not having to struggle to get your daily dose of nutrients and speeding up your healing process because you are eating enough fruits, greens, veggies & protein to nourish your body
  • Having access to quick, nutritious, delicious recipes that are fun, simple, easy to follow and won't stress your already stressed brain, because you can literally whip it up in less than 10-15 mins 🕒
  • Being proud of taking care of your body and transforming your health by investing just a few minutes every day to make nourishing meals

If any of this sounds like a dream, I want you to know that it’s 100% possible for you. And I know that, because I’ve been exactly where you are now....

I was once there too...

 I (Pratima) get how hard it can be to juggle work, life, family, health and self-care. 

I used to skip breakfast or forget to eat during the day because I was busy. I used to travel often & couldn't easily find nutritious meals. And on weekends, all I wanted was to relax on the couch & not spend hours cooking up a healthy meal. So I ate junk🤯

This led to chronic health issues in the long run - deficiencies, bloating, hypothyroidism, autoimmune hashimotos, fatigue and hormonal issues. My body was giving up and I knew something had to change. That's when I found my "secret" strategy to care for my health despite being busy - superfood smoothies made the right way!

A perfectly balanced, healing smoothie should always include:

✔️ Protein - high quality, complete proteins for stable blood sugar & energy levels

✔️ Healthy fats - they are the raw materials to make your hormones

✔️ Fibre - to control cravings, maintain healthy wait, bowel movements & feed the good gut bacteria

✔️ Probiotics - to replenish your gut microbiome

✔️ Herbs & spices - to help reduce inflammation

No more skipping meals, energy slumps or reaching out to junk foods. My healing smoothies were always in my refrigerator to grab & go on busy days... 

I created these proven recipes based on my 10+ years of experience as a holistic health coach and infused it into this solution to help you harness the magic of superfood smoothies so that you too, can feel better in your body and gain control of your health. 👏🏼

That’s why I can't wait to introduce you to the Complete Gut & Hormone Smoothie Collection!
Imagine how it will feel ...

🤯Being confused, overwhelmed and not knowing how to eat healthy & balanced meals...
To having clarity & ease and knowing exactly WHAT TO EAT to have stable ENERGY, better MOOD, healthy DIGESTION and happy HORMONES using time-tested recipes 🥳

🥺Having to spend hours planning and cooking meals keeping you away from where you really want to be spending time
To having the biggest TIME-SAVING shortcut available so you can focus your energy on things that you love 💃🏼⚡

🥱Being bored of having the same old smoothie with 3 ingredients, day in and day out …
To having 21 delicious recipes that you can MIX & MATCH to create flavourful smoothies that not only please your taste buds but also nourish your body…😋🥂
Here's what you'll gain immediate access to today⚡

Gut Friendly Smoothies eBook

An eBook with 11 gut friendly smoothie recipes. Hippocrates once said that 'All diseases begin in the gut' and modern science is proving this to be true. By incorporating these smoothies into your day, you will start to notice positive changes in your digestive health.

  • The natural foods in pre-digested form will reduce bloating, acid reflux, indigestion, IBS by reducing the load on your overworked digestive system and boost your energy (without caffeine!)
  • The fiber will help reduce constipation 
  • The healthy fats + protein in the smoothies will keep you full longer, reduce cravings and fuel your brain and body.
  • The probiotics will populate your gut with healthy bacteria and help reduce bloating & leaky gut
  • The herbs and spices will help reduce inflammation and digestive distress



Hormone Balancing Smoothies eBook

This eBook contains 10 delicious hormone balancing smoothie recipes, with unique flavors and combinations that will tingle your taste buds & leave you wanting more!

  • The protein and healthy fats in the recipes will keep your blood sugar and energy levels stable and help balance hormones to have regular menstrual cycles & ovulation, less PMS, mood swings, acne, sore breasts, hot flashes and fatigue.
  • The fibre in the smoothies will not only keep your gut healthy but also detox the body so that you have regular bowel movements, vibrant skin, healthy weight, strong immune system and balanced hormones
  • The herbs & spices will keep your inflammation at bay, help the adrenal glands in reducing stress and control cravings.



Shopping List

Want to try all the 21 smoothies in the two ebooks? I know you are busy and hard pressed for time.

I've got your back! I have created this grocery list with essential ingredients to make your shopping easy and quick. All the ingredients are easily available on Amazon or in your local supermarket. Just stock your pantry and you are all set!



Superfoods & their benefits

A quick guide that explains what superfoods are and the benefits of all the superfoods used in the smoothie recipes so you know exactly why you are including them. If you are a geek like me, you will love this!





Smoothie Prep Guide

If you are new to making smoothies, you will love this guide! This has all my favorite tips and tricks to get the perfect, creamy smoothie. And also my favorite time-saving, meal prep and storage tips so that you can save time in the kitchen on busy days and still enjoy your nutrient-dense smoothies to fuel you on-the-go.





Blender Guide

You don't need any fancy equipment to make smoothies. A regular countertop kitchen blender is enough. But if at any point you wish you had the information on high speed blenders you could invest in, this guide will help. 

You'll get my recommendations of the top high speed blenders in the market that are best for smoothie making along with my favorite portable blender that you can carry along with you on your travels so you can continue nourishing your body while traveling.





Liver & Gut Cleanser

Grab my personal favorite detox juice recipe that I've been using for years for supporting my liver and gut. This easy-to-make recipe is packed with ingredients that are anti-inflammatory, rich in minerals & vitamins, helps detox heavy metals while hydrating you & keeping your blood sugar balanced.





Unleash your inner smoothie artist

If you want to spice up your smoothie game, get creative and experiment, this "create your own smoothie" cheatsheet has my superfood smoothie formula that you can use to create countless smoothies with your own unique flavors and combinations, using the ingredients you have in your kitchen! A tantalizing bonus your taste buds will love!




That's 3 weeks of a variety of nourishing smoothies, plus so much extra resources to help you meal prep and stay on top of your health:


 $22 USD


*Limited time offer. One-time payment only. Lifetime access.

Get instant access to 21 no-fuss, delicious, nutrient-dense, energizing smoothie recipes that you can make within minutes using easy to available ingredients
Here is a recap of everything waiting for you inside 🤩
  • Gut Friendly Smoothie recipes eBook
  • Hormone Balancing Smoothie Recipes eBook
  • Vegan, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free Options Included
  • Stunning photos of all 21 smoothie recipes
  • + BONUS: Grocery List
  • + BONUS: Superfoods & Their Benefits Guide
  • + BONUS: Blender Guide
  • + BONUS: Smoothie Prep Guide
  • + BONUS: Create your own smoothie cheatsheet
  • + BONUS: Liver detox recipe





*Limited time special offer.  One-time payment only. Lifetime Access.


So, why should you trust me as your health & nutrition coach?

Great question! And I am glad you asked.

I (Pratima) have been a wellness coach for 12+ years and I'm certified in Functional Nutrition, the gold standard for healing chronic health issues based on root cause approach.

I specialize in women's health - hormones, thyroid, gut, PCOS, endometriosis, weight loss & autoimmune. And I believe in using food as medicine.

I've not only healed myself of chronic issues but I've also helped hundreds of women worldwide to lose weight, reverse hypothyroidism, hashimotos, PCOS, diabetes and metabolic dysfunctions through diet and lifestyle changes.

I struggled with bloating, digestive, menstrual disorders & hashimotos and tried literally everything but nothing helped, until I changed my diet and began to heal my gut & hormones. Smoothies were a big part of my diet plan.

I believe eating healthy should be fun & easy to incorporate into your lifestyle. That's why I created these recipes.

And I'd be honored to support you in your healing journey 🧡

You might be thinking right now..

Are smoothies enough to heal ALL my health problems? Can my PCOS, leaky gut, diabetes or hormonal issues heal completely?

If there was true, wouldn't they be THE magic potion?! 😁

I believe there is no one single magic food that can heal disease. (If someone tells you that, run the opposite direction!!) It is always a combination of your entire diet + lifestyle that has an impact.

If you have mild symptoms, just by including nutrient-dense smoothies you will see significant progress.

If your symptoms are severe, and have been there for many years, then adding these superfoods in the form of smoothies, is a FIRST and a BIG step towards your healing journey.

Because, with easy to make smoothies, it is easy for you to stay consistent with eating healthy...And CONSISTENCY is the key to reversing any disease..
I can't wait to support you on your healing journey!
Questions about the complete gut & hormone smoothie collection?
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