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21 easy, healthy, energizing, nutrient-dense and delicious smoothie recipes that help balance hormones, support healthy digestion, restore gut health, boost mood & energy, lower inflammation

...and are perfect as a meal, a snack or an add-on to your meals on a busy day so that you can hit the reset button on your health and unlock the secret to stable energy, balanced blood sugar, glowing skin and happy hormones!


👉🏽10 Gut friendly smoothies ebook

👉🏽11 Hormone balancing smoothies ebook

👉🏽shopping list

👉🏽superfoods & their benefits guide

👉🏽blender guide

👉🏽create your own smoothie cheatsheet

👉🏽smoothie prep tips & tricks guide

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Healthy Snacks Recipes eBook (USD)

Delicious and easy-to-make vegetarian snack recipes that are low carb, gluten free, anti-inflammatory, thyroid and gut friendly and keep your blood sugar balanced and your taste buds satisfied!

What is included

    • Instant access to 15 delicious snack recipes
    • All recipes are gluten free, vegetarian, low carb, blood sugar balancing, anti-inflammatory and thyroid and gut friend
    • All recipes emphasize on fresh and whole food ingredients. NO JUNK!
    • PDF download that you can access easily on your desktop or mobile devices 

Many people avoid snacks because they are afraid that it will contribute to weight gain. Snacking is not bad! You just have to nourish your body with the right kind of snacks. These snacks will bring you real joy while supporting your health and wellness journey.

These healthy snack recipes will:

  • help you gain energy by keeping your blood sugar levels stable
  • nourish your body with essential nutrients
  • support you on your weight-loss journey
  • keep you full and satiated for longer and are perfect for satisfying your taste-buds

In here, you will find something for every craving! It's time to stop feeling hungry and deprived and dive into the world of eating healthy 🥳

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